Facility: Cube Oceanarium

Location: Chengdu, China

Date: 2016

Project: Design, build and install a jellyfish lab attraction.

Valencia aquarium.jpg

Facility: L'Oceanogràfic

Location: Valencia, Spain

Date completed: 2017

Project: Design and build a series of jellyfish aquariums of various sizes and designs.

Cairns Aquarium.jpg

Facility: Cairns Aquarium

Location: Cairns, Australia

Date: 2017

Project: Supply of acrylic display tanks for jellyfish, fish and snakes

Seville Aquarium.png

Facility: Seville Aquarium

Location: Seville Spain

Date: 2018

Project: Design and build a range of acrylic jellyfish display and breeding tanks.

Melbourne aquarium.jpg

Facility Name: Sealife Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Date Completed: 2019

Project: Supply of equipment for a jellyfish breeding lab display including acrylic jellyfish aquariums, life support systems and stands.