RedFin are specialists in the design, construction and installation of custom built aquariums.  Utilising a specialist in house design team, RedFin go beyond building standard rectangle box tanks and instead create one of a kind aquatic masterpieces.  Ranging from live coral reef to jellyfish aquariums,  RedFin designs are showcased at many sites around the world.  These include luxury private residences, high street restaurants and some of the world’s largest public aquariums.  RedFin develop innovative and mesmerising aquarium displays that truly showcase the magic of the underwater world.


Our Projects

RedFin specialises in building, installing and maintaining both public, commercial and residential aquariums. We are based in the Hong Kong and Macau region but we can ship and install our custom fish tanks worldwide.

RedFin have designed, manufactured and installed a number of exciting aquariums worldwide in locations as diverse as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Spain and Australia.

Our customers