Commercial Aquariums

RedFin have designed and built exciting aquariums for a range of different commercial customers such as casinos, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. A selection of RedFin’s custom aquarium projects are showcased below.

Macau aquarium

Location: Macau Casino

Brief: Design, build and install a 3.2 meter artificial reef aquarium for a casino in Macau

Status: Complete

Saipan Aquarium

Location: Saipan

Brief: Design, build, ship and install two 5 meter wide curved acrylic aquariums designed to house live reef species.

Status: Built and shipped. Awaiting installation


Location: Reign Nightclub, London

Brief: Design and build a large jellyfish aquarium for a VIP area of one of London’s most prominent nightclubs

Status: Complete

Okku Jellyfish Tanks

Location: Okku Restaurant, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Brief: Design and build 3 large specialist jellyfish aquariums for a prominent restaurant

Status: Complete

Xián Cylinder Aquariums

Location: Xián, China

Brief: Design, construct, install and maintain two 1.5m x 3m Cylinder aquariums and two 1.5m x 2.5m cylinder aquariums containing artificial corals and a range of tropical reef fish.

Status: Complete