Aquarium Maintenance

RedFin have a team of experienced aquarium maintenance staff available to provide aquarium services across the Hong Kong and Macau region. We can also provide a maintenance team to provide ongoing support for aquariums installed in other locations.

RedFin employ a team of marine biologists and technical staff who can cover all aspects of maintaining an aquarium including; cleaning, supplying healthy quarantined livestock and supplying food and chemicals. The RedFin team make owning an aquarium completely effortless, allowing you just to sit back and enjoy the beautiful aquatic display..

Please contact us to discuss a maintenance plan tailored to your individual needs. 

The below pictures show some aquariums RedFin maintain in the Hong Kong and Macau region.







RedFin were contracted to take over the maintenance of a reef aquarium at an exclusive private residence on The Peak. The lighting and protein skimmer, along with some other equipment, were upgraded. RedFin also re-plumbed the aquarium to reduce noise and ensure silence while the aquarium was running.  This also reduced any chances of overflows, leading to water on the floor.

A range of exotic livestock was then added to the tank including clams, anemones and corals, both hard and soft.





Over the first year, the corals inside the aquarium grew quickly to fill the tank, creating a very striking display. The aquarium has now been upgraded to a larger size, in order to accommodate the large corals and make space for their future growth. 



RedFin was requested to maintain a 2.7m long reef aquarium at an office in Hong Kong. The business owner wanted to keep either 18 or 28 fish in the aquarium, as this is good for Feng Shui. He also wanted to keep a range of vibrant corals, star fish, sea anemones among other creatures.

The business owner had tried multiple aquarium maintenance companies but they all experienced difficulties growing coral and maintaining the correct amount of fish in the tank. He had been told by the previous company the it was impossible to keep 28 fish in this aquarium. 


When RedFin took over the maintenance of this aquarium there were no fish in the tank (all of them had died). RedFin upgraded the lighting, filtration system and added a chemical dosing system to keep the water parameters stable.

Within a short period of time there were 28 healthy fish in the tank along with a wide variety of vibrant, healthy corals.  

Aquarium maintenance

Why choose us?

  • Professional, experienced aquarists

  • We use advanced water quality testing equipment. We test the water once a week with colorimeters and other advanced technologies to ensure that the water parameters are all within the recommended levels to maintain a vibrant ecosystem.

  • Quarantined, sustainably caught or aquacultured plants, fish and corals. We do not use animals and plants that are caught with illegal techniques such as fishing by cyanide. This ensures that all plants and animals are healthy and ready to live, long and happy lives in your aquarium.

  • We offer a variety of customized maintenance solutions. Special services include on-site maintenance outside business hours, and 24-hour on-site service in case of emergency。

Other Services 

  • One off aquarium maintenance visit

  • Ongoing, contracted maintenance

  • Aquarium installation service

  • Aquarium relocation service

  • Aquarium water quality testing

  • Aquarium and fish health consultation

For more information on our maintenance programs, please contact us. We can provide maintenance on at least a monthly basis or daily service if required (daily service is subject to availability).