Public Aquarium Exhibit Design 

RedFin have designed and built exhibits for public aquariums all over the globe. RedFin specialise in jellyfish exhibits but our wide experience in aquarium design and construction has lead to a wide range of aquarium projects from aquariums for tropical fish to aquariums for sea snakes.

Melbourne aquarium.jpg

Facility Name: Sealife Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Date completed: 2019

Project: Supply of equipment for a jellyfish breeding lab display including acrylic jellyfish aquariums, life support systems and stands.


Facility: American Museum of Natural History

Location: New York, United States

Date completed: 2018

Project: Design and aquarium to display comb jellyfish for the American Museum of Natural History’s Unseen Oceans Exhibition

Seville Aquarium.png

Facility: Seville Aquarium

Location: Seville Spain

Date completed: 2018

Project: Design and build a range of acrylic jellyfish display and breeding tanks.

Cairns Aquarium.jpg

Facility: Cairns Aquarium

Location: Cairns, Australia

Date: 2017

Project: Supply of acrylic display tanks for jellyfish, fish and snakes

Valencia aquarium.jpg

Facility: L'Oceanogràfic

Location: Valencia, Spain

Date completed: 2017

Project: Design and build a series of jellyfish aquariums of various sizes and designs.


Facility: Cube Oceanarium

Location: Chengdu, China

Date: 2016

Project: Design, build and install a jellyfish lab attraction.