Macau Casino Artificial Reef Aquarium


Project Brief

Location - Wynn Casino, Macau

RedFin Scope of works - Design, Build, Install & Comission

Aquarium Type - 3.2m Reef Aquarium

Total Volume - 3500L

Status - Complete

Macau Aquarium Design

Step by step description of complete process

Step 1: Design

The first step in a custom aquarium project is the design process. After consulting with the client on their expectations from the aquarium we come up with a design, equipment list and a full schematic. Along with a full set of engineering drawings we can also provide renders and computer 3D models.  This particular aquarium is to display a wide range of tropical marine fish and life like artificial coral.

Macau Aquarium Filtration Schematic

Step 2: Construction

Below are some images of the aquarium's filtration system being assembled at our Kwai Chung workshop. Image three shows a waterproof compartment which we built to house all of the electrical components.

The aquarium stand was custom made from marine grade stainless steel to ensure it didn't corrode in the presence of salt water.


Step 3: Installation

RedFin's installation team can travel anywhere in the world to install aquariums. The tank and life support system is shipped to the location partially assembled which makes the installation process very time efficient. 

Aquarium installations in Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China are generally taken care of by RedFin's in house installation team. For projects further afield in countries such at the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Dubai we work with a local installation partner who can also handle the livestock and ongoing maintenance for the aquarium.


Step 4: Adding Livestock and commissioning

The aquarium was stocked with a range of sustainably collected tropical marine fish. All the fish had spent at least one month in RedFin's Hong Kong quarantine system to ensure they were healthy, feeding and free from parasites and diseases.