Custom Jellyfish Aquariums

As a partner of Cubic Aquarium Systems and Exotic Aquaculture, RedFin is very experienced in the design and construction of jellyfish display and aquaculture tanks. RedFin have developed designs allowing jellyfish to be kept in cylinder shaped and even square tanks. This has lead to RedFin being considered one of the worlds leading specialists in jellyfish aquarium design.


Jellyfish Aquaculture Systems

RedFin work along side Exotic Aquaculture who are the main supplier of jellyfish to the worlds public aquariums. Exotic breed over 20 species of jellyfish and each requires its own specific conditions to grow and thrive. 

RedFin have developed aquariums specifically for the breeding and display if jellyfish. These aquariums have been installed at some of the worlds largest and most prestigious aquariums including Oceanographic, Valencia, Cube Oceanarium, China and Cairns Aquarium, Australia.

Jellyfish breeding tanks
Image: Complete jellyfish aquaculture lab design

Image: Complete jellyfish aquaculture lab design

Kreisel Jellyfish Aquariums

RedFin have developed an inexpensive, robust and easy to maintain kreisel jellyfish aquarium design. These tanks  can be built in a range of sizes up to 10m in length and 3m in height.

Large Kreisel Aquariums

Jellyfish Cylinder Aquariums

RedFin have also developed a system allowing jellyfish to be kept in cylinder or tube  shaped aquariums. 1.5m wide by 2m tall jellyfish cylinders that were designed and built by RedFin can be seen on display at L'Oceanogràfic aquarium and Acuario de Sevilla in Spain. 

Jellyfish cylinder aquarium