Aquarium Construction & Installation

RedFin have created numerous custom aquariums of different shapes, sizes and from a range of materials. This experience makes us the best people to build your aquarium, ensuring that it is delivered on time, to the correct specifications and the highest quality. RedFin have an experienced installation team capable of carrying our aquarium installation work anywhere in the world.

Cylinder aquarium construction

Construction Materials

RedFin use acrylic for all aquariums over 1m in height. Some of the benefits of acrylic aquariums are:

  • Visual clarity. Acrylic if far clearer than glass and, unlike glass, has no green/blue tint.

  • Safety and durability. Acrylic is far more resistant and less likely to be damaged under impact than glass.

  • Refraction. Acrylic will distort less than glass when viewing through bends or curves. Acrylic has almost the same index of refraction as water. This means less distortion of what is in your tank. What you see is the actual size and colour of your fish and the decorations in the aquarium.

  • Scratching. Like any material, acrylic will scratch if not properly taken care of. However, unlike glass, an acrylic tank can be buffed out to remove any imperfections that might happen over time. Acrylic can be restored to optical clarity by polishing (unlike glass aquariums).

  • Weight. Acrylic is lighter and stronger than glass and can withstand much higher impacts.

  • Bonds. Acrylic is chemically bonded at the joints to form one solid piece.

  • Shapes. Acrylic can be easily cut, bent and formed into exotic shapes.

Acrylic sample.jpg


Aquarium Installation

RedFin aquariums have been installed in more than 10 countries world wide. Our experienced aquarium construction team can fly to any location across the world, making the installation of our custom aquariums seamless and ensuring the aquarium and LSS are set up correctly for their occupants.