Aquarium Fish & Corals

RedFin can supply most aquarium livestock including fish, corals, live rock and aquatic plants.  Unlike most of the aquarium shops found along Tung Choi "goldfish street", we focus on fully quarantined livestock which has been in our aquariums for at least 30 days before being supplied to clients.  This ensures all of our aquarium fish and coral are free from diseases and parasites which can cause a many problems when introduced into an aquarium.  All of our livestock is sustainably sourced and imported legally following CITES (Convention on International Trade in Engendered Species) regulations.


Cyanide Fishing

Destructive collection practices are a big problem in the aquarium trade.  Fish are often caught using cyanide. This is an extremely destructive practice where liquid cyanide is squirted from a squeezy bottle into an area of coral.  Any fish in the vicinity are knocked unconscious.  They float out of their hiding places making them easy for divers to scoop up.

Cyanide fishing causes two main problems.  The first is that the toxic chemical will kill any coral in a 1-2m area around where it was released into the water.  Another issue is the health of the fish.  Cyanide stuns the fish but within a few hours they regain consciousness and most will seem healthy.  There is generally long-lasting damage to the fish's internal organs, meaning they may survive for a few days or weeks, but will ultimately perish due to damage sustained from exposure to cyanide.  

Some unscrupulous Hong Kong aquarium shop owners will benefit from fish caught using cyanide because the fish will often dye withing a few weeks of the customer taking it home.  Customers will often blame themselves for the death when it was really unavoidable with no chance of keeping the fish alive for any length of time.

RedFin always try and source aquacultured or sustainably sourced livestock.  Regular visits are also made to suppliers to ensure they are following our strict environmental policies.

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Saltwater Aquarium Fish

RedFin can supply a range of saltwater aquarium fish collected from locations all over the world including Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii and Australia. We focus on aquacultured and sustainably sourced fish.



RedFin focus on the importation of "farmed " coral which is not taken from the reef. 

Flame jellyfish


RedFin Aquarium Design are partnered with Exotic Aquaculture who supply a range of jellyfish to the public aquarium and home aquarium trade. Exotic currently supply the widest range of jellyfish commectially available world wide.