We understand it is often not practical for our clients to devote the time and effort needed to maintain a first class aquarium. We therefore offer a range of tailored aquarium maintenance packages. This allows our customers to benefit from the relaxing effects of owning or leasing an aquarium without having to worry about the stress and hassle of maintaining it.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our highly trained team includes a PhD marine biologist and professional aquarists with public aquarium backgrounds  
  • We use state of the art water quality testing equipment. We test all water weekly using colorimeters and other advanced techniques to make sure the water parameters are within recommended levels to maintain a vibrant ecosystem.
  • Fully quarantined, sustainably caught or aquacultured livestock. We do not use livestock that has been captured using illegal techniques like cyanide fishing. This ensures that all livestock is healthy and ready to live long, happy lives in your aquarium
  • We can offer a range of customized maintenance packages. Special services include maintenance visits outside of corporate working hours as well as a 24 hour callout service in case of emergencies. 

Other Services

  • One off aquarium maintenance visits
  • Ongoing aquarium maintenance contracts
  • Aquarium installation service
  • Aquarium relocation service
  • Aquarium removal service
  • Aquarium fish healthcare service
  • Aquarium water quality testing

Please contact us for more information on our maintenance packages. We can visit the aquarium as little as once a month or as often as once a day.