Aquarium Rental

If you like the idea of having a stylish, relaxing aquarium in your home or workplace but you don't want to deal with the hassle of setting it up and maintaining it, one of our aquarium leasing packages may be for you. 

Our leasing packages are tailored to individual customers' needs and budget but they generally include:

  • Installation of one of our standard or customised aquariums
  • Stocking with options including freshwater fish/plants or saltwater fish & live or reproduction corals
  • Weekly/monthly cleaning, water change and general maintenance
  • Fish food and any necessary chemicals/medications to keep your aquarium inhabitants in top condition
  • Quick removal of the aquarium should you no longer require it

Leasing an aquarium means customers can enjoy the benefits that an aquarium brings to a space, without having to worry about installation, maintenance or a large capital outlay. We have a range of "off the shelf" aquariums that you could choose from or alternatively we could design you a custom system which blends perfectly into the space where the tank is required.

Short Term Aquarium Hire

We can also provide large and small aquariums for short term hire. These can be used for a variety or purposes and settings including but not limited to film shoots, trade show displays, retail window displays and presentation nights.

We have various leasing options which can be tailored to our customer’s needs, please contact us for more details.