Aquarium Design


Our aquarium design team has a diverse range of backgrounds including public aquarium, marine biology and engineering specialists. This combined experience allows us to design and create a complete aquarium package for our customers. We can work within a variety of budgets to ensure that the finished design will have the maximum visual impact.  


RedFin's design team can create lifelike renders of the aquarium in a lifelike room simulation allowing the client to see how the aquarium will look in its final space. The three images of a jellyfish aquarium below are completely computer generated, including all parts of the room.

Computer Aided Design

Once the concept has been agreed upon we will commence the design phase. Using state of the art software like SolidWorks and AutoCad.


The advanced software used by RedFin allows a range of  simulations to be preformed on each design to make sure it meets expectations when built. 

Water Flow

Flow simulations can be performed allowing the designer to check for any points of high or low flow that could damage the livestock or cause other issues when the tank is in service.

Stress Analysis

RedFin's design software allows a stress and strain analysis to be performed on each design. This highlights any weak points in the design that could cause the aquarium to fail due to pressure when filled with water.


Our custom aquariums are typically constructed with acrylic or high clarity glass. We calculate the thickness of the acrylic/glass using the same formulas employed by public aquariums. We use similar calculations and high grade materials such as 316 steel to fabricate an appropriate aquarium stand or support structure. These measures ensure that your aquarium remains structurally sound throughout its expected lifespan.

Aquarium Filtration System

Life Support System

The Life Support System (LSS) is a vital component in ensuring a healthy and vibrant aquarium ecosystem is maintained. This consists of lighting, filtration, water flow and temperature control systems. We are the Hong Kong and Macau distributor for Cubic Aquarium Systems products which allows us to offer extremely high quality, efficient and reliable life support systems for a very competitive price.