Considering a new aquarium but not sure where to start?

Building an aquarium can be quite a daunting and complex task.  Red Fin offers a consulting service in which our team can share their experience. We can design the aquarium for you or just offer a second opinion on a proposed design, it is very important to spot any potential problems at an early stage as even small issues can be extremely time consuming and costly to fix once a tank has been installed. Having Red Fin involved in your project also means you can benefit from our relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the world.

Currently own an aquarium which is not living up to expectations?

Red Fin can also assist in solving any operational issues with existing aquariums located in Hong Kong and Macau. Slight problems or variations within a tank ecosystem can detract from a tanks visual impact or even lead to health problems for the tanks livestock. Red Fin technicians are available on an call out basis and can fix persistent aquarium problems. 


Call (852) 2421 2020 to to discuss your aquarium project with one of our specialists.