Aquarium Design

The RedFin team come from a variety of backgrounds. The team includes ex public aquariums staff, marine biologists and design engineers. The broad experience of this team allows RedFin to design and create a turn key aquarium package tailored to suit a customers needs. RedFin can work within various budgets to ensure that the finished design has the greatest visual impact.

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 RedFin's design team can come up with can come up with innovative aquarium designs to suit any location. A design will often start out as a set of basic hand sketches investigating the various sizes, shapes, finishes and livestock options for an aquarium. These hand sketches will then be turned into a 3D drawing which can then be used to create realistic renders and a full set of engineering drawings for client review and manufacturing.


Realistic Image Rendering

Red Fin can provide realistic renders showing how the completed project will look which can help a client visualize the completed project. RedFin use advanced design software to build a 3D model of an aquariums location based on drawings. Lighting, textures and colours are added to each part of the computer model allowing customers to see almost exactly how the competed aquarium will look in 3D.

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Aquarium Attraction Design

In addition to tank and filtration design, the RedFin team can develop full attraction concepts or individual themed rooms. With 3 inhouse trained architects, this allows for themed rooms to designed from the ground up with consideration given to both aesthetic attractiveness and suitability for incorporation of aquarium displays and equipment. .

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Aquarium Concept Design

Customised Aquarium Theming Design

RedFin has designed and built natural rock work, corals and underwater sculptures for numerous aquarium exhibits.

RedFin’s lifelike aquarium theming can be based on features found on geographic locations ranging from the rivers of the amazon to the coral beds of the great barrier reef. Utilizing aquarium safe materials, which are designed for longevity and stability in an aquarium environment, all themeing is designed to be durable enough to withstand regular scrubbing whilst retaining colour.

specialised aquarium theming
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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Once a concept has been decided upon, the design phase is initiated. RedFin use state-of-the-art software such as SolidWorks and AutoCad to create plan and 3D models of the aquarium. A series of simulations on each design are carried out to ensure that the expected results are achieved when the aquarium is operational. Designers perform flow simulation to see how water moves around within the aquarium. This is particularly important with species like jellyfish that require a gentle circular flow to keep them suspended within a water column.

Aquarium Water Flow Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Water Flow Simulation

RedFin uses advanced software to perform a series of simulations on each design to ensure that the expected results are achieved when the aquarium is in operation. Designers can perform flow simulation to see how water moves around the aquarium when it is in operation. This is particularly important with species like jellyfish that need a gentle circular flow to keep them suspended in the water column.


Computer Aided Structural Analysis

RedFin's design software allows stress and strain analysis to be performed on each design. This type of structural analysis highlights weaknesses in the design that could cause the aquarium to fail due to pressure when it is full of water.

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Life Support System Design

The Life Support System (LSS) is an important part of the aquarium ecosystem. It ensures easy maintenance of health and vitality of livestock. The LSS includes lighting, filtration, water flow and temperature control systems. We are Hong Kong and Macau distributors of Cubic Aquarium Systems products, enabling us to provide extremely high quality, efficient and reliable life support systems at competitive prices.