Aquarium Design


Our aquarium design team has a variety of backgrounds including public aquariums, marine biology and engineering experts. This combined experience allows us to design and create a complete aquarium package for our customers. We can work within various budgets to ensure that the finished design has the greatest visual impact.

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RedFin's design team can create realistic aquarium renderings in realistic room simulations, allowing customers to see the appearance of the aquarium in the final space. The following is an image created for a customer interested in placing a large flat screen television in the middle of a room surrounded by artificial coral reefs. The TV rotates so that it can be seen from either side.

TV aquarium
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Computer Aided Design (CAD)


Once a concept has been decided upon we can begin the design phase. RedFin use state-of-the-art software such as SolidWorks and AutoCad.

RedFin uses advanced software to perform a series of simulations on each design to ensure that the expected results are achieved when the aquarium is in operation..

Water flow
Designers can perform flow simulation to see how water moves around the aquarium when it is in operation. This is particularly important with species like jellyfish that need a gentle circular flow to keep them suspended in the water column.

Stress Analysis
RedFin's design software allows us to perform stress and strain analysis on each design. This can help show any weaknesses in the design that could cause the aquarium to fail due to pressure when it is full of water.

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Life Support Systems

The Life Support System (LSS) is an important part of the aquarium ecosystem. It ensures easy maintenance of health and vitality of livestock. The LSS includes lighting, filtration, water flow and temperature control systems. We are Hong Kong and Macau distributors of Cubic Aquarium Systems products, enabling us to provide extremely high quality, efficient and reliable life support systems at competitive prices.