cylinder shaped fish tank

Cylinder shaped aquariums

RedFin have designed and built round or cylinder shaped fish tanks in numerous sizes and for a wide range of livestock. This type of aquarium is perfect for a location where the aquarium can be viewed from 360 degrees. RedFin use high quality acrylic in the construction of all cylinder fish tanks. Acrylic is very similar density to water so unlike glass, there is very little distortion in a curved acrylic panel.


Jellyfish Cylinder Aquariums

RedFin have also developed a system allowing jellyfish to be kept in cylinder or tube  shaped aquariums. 1.5m wide by 2m tall jellyfish cylinders that were designed and built by RedFin can be seen on display at L'Oceanogràfic aquarium and Acuario de Sevilla in Spain. 

Jellyfish cylinder aquarium
Cylinder aquariums.png

Various sizes and styles available. Contact us for further details.