Cairns Aquarium Displays

·         Location: Cairns, Australia

·         RedFin Scope Of Works: Design, Build & Installation

·         Aquarium type: Large acrylic cylinder aquariums and jellyfish kreisel

·         Total volume: 5,000l +

·         Status: Complete


The Cairns Aquarium has been developed to provide a world class venue for seeing and interacting with the incredible plants, animals, and habitats found only in Australia’s Wet Tropics, a region which borders two World Heritage listed environments:

The first new build aquarium in Australia for 17 years is set over 10,000 square metre footprint and is home to over 15,000 aquatic animals, fish, plants, and other organisms, housed within 71 live exhibits.

RedFin were contracted to design, build and install 5 display aquariums including 4 large cylinder aquariums and a large kreisel aquarium with integrated filtration system and stand.

The development successfully opened to the public in September 2017 and has welcomed over 100,000 visitors in its first 3 months of operation.